Ghanaian Men Love Chasing Women That’s Why The Country Is Very Poor–Hassan Ayariga

Top Ghanaian politician and founder of the All People’s Party, Hassan Ayariga has stated that, the country has become underdeveloped for so many years because men dedicate too much of their time chasing women instead of working hard.

Ayariga did not explain the kind of research he did to arrive at his claim. But, he advised Ghanaian men, especially those in higher positions to stop chasing women and use the same level of energy to engage in profitable ventures.

The politician said, until womanizing is stopped, Ghana will crawl and never develop.

In a video sighted by, Hassan Ayariga hit on the hard truth saying:

‘We love women too much to the extent we ignore work, let’s channel the way we love and chase women to hardworking and we will see what we become. Ghana will be the best country in the world’.


Do you really think Ghana has made little progress in its development due to womanizing?


Watch the video below.


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