Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Taiwan Richest Man Get 12-Inch-Long P£nis Through Surgery To Teach His Wife A Lesson


Taiwanese millionaire, Huy Xen Phang says he’s the happiest man on earth because he has fulfilled his lifelong dream of having a bigger manh00d.

Phang went through a risky surgery to get rid of his small p3nis for a 12-inches African p3nis after his wife laughed at him.

He waited 18 months before a suitable donor from South Africa offered him his organ.

Huy Xen Phang’s p3nis transplant was done by a medical team at Tygerberg Hospital led by Dr. Andre van der Merwe.

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‘Mr Phang was very specific the p3nis needed to be over 12 inches long, not an inch shorter’, Dr. van der Merwe said.

Phang told reporters hours after the operation that ‘my wife always tease me about my tiny p3nis, now she will have big black rooster.


He added that ‘I am very proud of my big new p3nis, I don’t care if people know about it, it will only make them jealous’.

‘My p3nis was very, very small, like most Asian people. Now I will have biggest black dick in all of Taiwan and China’, Phang said.


Huy Xen Phang is a Taiwanese businessman who made his fortune in the real estate industry.

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