Meet The Ghanaian Lady Who Massages Men’s Díçk For A Living

One Ghanaian lady, identified as Vydash who has mastered the act of massaging men’s balls (scrotum) is making huge sums of money from her job.

Vydash, best described as a massage therapist explains that her desire is to see her clients happy by improving erection in men.

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She testified that men who patronised her service successfully overcame their premature ejaculation problems.

Bragging during an interview, Vydash said:

‘Some of the clients get hard even before you start and would touch some parts of my body during the process but I try to maintain professional because it is against my work ethics to get intimate with my clients’.


She announced plans to expand her business as well as train more people in balls massaging since the job pays.


‘I would love to open a big SPA and employ people because the job pays’, Vydash said.



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