Saturday, October 1, 2022

Woman Divorces Husband After He Forgot To Buy Ice Cream For Her 35th Birthday (VIDEO)


Mary Asibi, a bread seller has divorced her husband for failing to buy an ice cream on her 35th birthday despite sending him a reminder.

Mary Asibi told in an exclusive interview that her ‘stingy’ husband broke her heart by not giving her an ice cream on her birthday.

She said that ‘I didn’t ask for any big gift. I requested for only an ice cream. Just an ice cream on my birthday but he didn’t buy it for me’.

Mary Asibi who described her husband as ‘very wicked’ stated that ‘There’s no point for me to continue to stay in a marriage where the head of the family can’t provide his wife with an ice cream’.

‘Angry’ Mary Asibi has since packed out of her matrimonial home over this trivial gift.

But Mary’s husband, who is a taxi driver explained to he had a good reason for not offering his wife an ice cream on her 35th birthday.


He said ‘It’s not true that I can’t buy her an ice cream. I have read extensively and I know that women above 30 years do not have to eat ice cream because of ‘white’.


Family of the woman have taken remarkable steps to reconcile the couple, and it is expected that Mary Asibi would go back to her matrimonial home by the end of the week.


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