Saturday, October 1, 2022

3 Chinese Men Pound ‘Fufu’ In A Chop Bar –PHOTO


Three Chinese men have gone viral after a photo of them pounding fufu in the bush hit the internet.

One of the Chinese men was spotted holding the pestle while the other took charge of the mortar.

Both were shirtless for obvious reasons. Thus, to stop them from sweating profusely and to prove that they truly understand the Ghanaian culture.

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The third person however held his waist and waited for his turn to pound the fufu.

A young Ghanaian lady also prepared the soup in the online photo has sighted.

The exact location of the Chinese nationals remains sketchy, but the photo has shocked many Ghanaians.


The suspicion is that the fufu pounders may be residing in one of the galamsey  sites in the country.

Others maintain the Chinese men operate a chop bar business in the bush.


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