Man Attacks Roommate With Cutlass For Changing Radio Station Without His Consent

A man has stabbed his roommate in the cheek with a machete over this ridiculous reason.

Police confirmed that Josue Rodriguez, 40, attacked his roommate with a sharp, heavy knife after the roommate tuned the radio set to a particular station without informing him.

No information has been given on the true radio station the roommate made the mistake of choosing which got Rodriguez upset. gathered that Rodriguez was taking a shower at home when he realised the dial of the radio station has changed.

Unhappy Rodriguez, rushed out of the bathroom and confronted his colleague. The man gave him a push as they exchanged words.

In response, Police say Rodriguez turned and grabbed a nearby machete and began whacking it at his roommate, which unfortunately led to a deep cut in the latter’s cheek .


The injured roommate however managed to escape and called 911.


When questioned, Rodriguez told Police that ‘I only had the machete because I was going to sleep in the woods for the night’.


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