ECG Boss Reports Man Who Text Him ‘Wo Maame TwƐ’ Anytime His lights Goes Off To Police

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Every electricity consumer has a way of expressing their anger in response to the persistent, irregular, and unpredictable electric power outages in Ghana today. But one customer has taken the game too far.

A top official of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has reportedly lodged a complaint with the police, claiming that an anonymous person has sent him more than 200 insulting text messages in the last 7months.

The ECG boss (name withheld) is said to have informed the police that this unknown person texts him anytime he or any of his family members and friends experiences dumsor in their neighbourhood – and all he writes is: ‘ Wo Maame TwƐ for Taking My light’. has learnt that, the ECG official blocked this person several times but he continued to send him vulgɑr messages through a different phone number.

The frustrated manager said ‘…Almost each time, he sends the same text message from a different number to me. This citizen keeps texting me ‘Wo Maame TwƐ for taking my light’.

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He revealed that, this has been going on for the past 7 months, and he can’t bear it any more.

He therefore appealed to the police to take the matter up and deal with the notorious texter according to the laws of the land.

This news story was first published by, a Ghanaian satire and parody website. The owners of this website ‘died’ a couple of years ago.

For this reason, was unable to verify the claims made in this news report. We however strongly believe we made you day.

If you did not break your rib after reading this post, then you are possibly a witch.

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