Sunday, February 5, 2023

Men With Sexual Weakness Problems Get Help From Adom TV’s Maame Kyeraa Diamond (VIDEO)

Watch video: I like it h0t in the bathroom–lady shares her experience

Adom TV presenter Maame Kyeraa Diamond on Thursday spent some time on ‘Badwam’ morning show to talk about sexual weakness in men.

The phone calls that came through to the show was a clear indication that most Ghanaian men suffer a wide range of sexual problems including low libido, low sperm count, premature ejaculation or inability to go more rounds but have been silent about it.

One male caller, possibly having problems attaining good erection asked if eating of cooking spices have adverse effect on the power in the manh00d.

Another caller also asked if it is normal for a man to continue to release fluids hours after 0rgasm.  


Maame Kyeraa Diamond hosted medical practitioner George Donkor on the TV breakfast show to offer professional advice on these matters.

Dr George Donkor admonished men to avoid excessive intake of alcoholic beverages but eat a balanced meal, exercise regularly, make time for rest as well as seek care on their sexual problems from qualified practitioners.


Watch the video below for more information on sexual weakness.

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com


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