Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Woman Cut Off Husband’s Manhood For Denying Her Sex For 3 Months (Photo)


A woman in Uganda has cut off her husband’s manhood.

Claiming to have been sex-starved for three months, the woman identified as Florence Nabakooza descended on her husband’s ‘vital organ’ and angrily cut it with a razor blade.

Florence, 30 then reported herself to the Police following her act.

She told Police Officer in charge of the Family and Child Protection Unit that;

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‘I have come to report myself for cutting my husband’s genitals. He is almost useless because he has refused to fulfill his obligation as a man’ despite taking care of him when he suffered cerebral malaria some months ago.

Florence stated that Byekwaaso recovered from the sickness but ‘My husband has starved me, yet I don’t cheat on him. He kept telling me that he was still weak’.

ADVERTISEMENT gathers that Florence Nabakooza and Byekwaaso have lived together for four years and had a one-year-old child who died in 2013.

Byekwaaso has been admitted at the Mehta Hospital. Medical officers say he has been rushed to the theatre to ascertain the extent of the damage (to his genitals) as he had bled profusely.


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