Sunday, February 5, 2023

Female MP Sacked From Parliament For Wearing Tight Trousers–PHOTOs


A Tanzanian female Member of Parliament (MP), Condester Sichwale has been sacked from Parliament by the speaker, Job Ndugai, for wearing tight clothes.

Kasatintin.com gathers that Condester Sichwale was thrown out of the chamber on Tuesday after a colleague MP, Hussein Amar raised concerns about her mode of dressing.

Amar said MPs should dress in an exemplary manner since Parliament is a mirror of society.

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He stated that ‘Parliament is a mirror of society and Tanzania, and some of our sisters are wearing strange clothes and are legislators. What are they showing to the society?’.

When the Speaker asked that Amar names the person he was referring to, he only pointed in the direction of Condester Sichwale but did not mention her name.

Speaker Ndugai ordered the female MP to leave and only come back after changing what they claimed were tight trousers to a decent outfit.


Interestingly, the law maker who critised the dress code on the floor of Parliament and Sichwale are from the same political party.


Check out the photos below.


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