These Hot Photos Of Adom TV’s Maame Kyeraa Diamond Get Social Media Talking

Beautiful Ghanaian TV presenter Maame Kyeraa Diamond has showcased her sense of style in a nice photo shoot has seen.

The co-host of ‘Badwam’ on Adom TV got it right wearing a long lemon green dress and matching it with a red pair of shoes.

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Maame Kyeraa Diamond understands fashion and does it with ease. She pinned a sweet scented rose flower on her chest and also striked a pose which is exclusive to real beauty queens like herself.


Her makeup was on point; we can spend the whole day to talk about her flawless hairstyle.

From head to toe, Diamond nailed it. A naughty bird just whispered from afar that Diamond has a perfect body shape!

Well, watch Maame Kyeraa Diamond on Adom TV breakfast show from 5.30am to 9.00am every Monday to Friday. She also reads the station’s midday news and evening news at 6.30pm.


See more photos of her below.



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