Study Finds Eating Konkonte With Groundnut Soup Cures Vaginal Odour, Increases Your Livespan By 10 Years


Food scientists and dieticians are urging Ghanaians to eat konkonte and groundnut soup.

The call has been triggered by series of research which have discovered huge health benefits in konkonte, a staple food eaten in most parts of Africa including Togo, Nigeria and Ghana.

In Ghana, kokonte is eaten by most ethnic groups–the Gas, Akans, Hausas and known by many funny names such as ‘Face the wall’, ‘Abitiɛ’, ‘James brown, and ‘Kraman reverse’.

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‘Though considered as ‘a poor man’s ‘cho’, eating kokonte with groundnut soup increases your lifespan by 10years’, a classified research document has intercepted said.

Adding konkonte to your menu list can save you from a whole lot of diseases. The studies revealed that it helps the digestive tract for better digestion of food, cleanses the body system and is a rich source of vitamin B and C.

Konkonte contains pro-biotic, antioxidant and also builds the collagen in the body. It is the best treatment for stomach disorder.


Include konkonte and groundnut soup in your diet if you want to control obesity or burn fat.

Konkonte and groundnut soup is highly recommended for diabetic and asthmatic patients.


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