Man Sells His Testicles For $35000 Just To Buy Dream Car

A US man has sold his left testicle for $35,000 in order to buy his dream car.

Mark Parisi said he was overzealous to own a Nissan 370Z, described on Nissan’s website as ‘a serious car for serious drivers’.

VIDEO: Meet the Ghanaian lady who is addicted to s3x’s survey shows the sticker price for the Nissan sports car hovers between $30,000 and $45,000.


Mr Parisi donated his intimate body part for scientific research in return for cash. The man admitted he didn’t even negotiate the fee and accepted the first offer.

By law, he was required to pay tax on the amount raised.

Mark appeared on TV and stressed that he’s happy with the decision he took.


Life is full of choices, but some people consider sacrificing one’s testicle for a luxurious car as ‘very insane’.

See below the car which Mark Parisi purchased.


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