WICKED! Man Snatches Wife Of His Chinese Boss For Refusing To Pay His Salary–PHOTO

The police is on a manhunt for a Zambian man who skillfully snatched the wife of his Chinese boss.

According to reports sighted by Kasatintin.com, the man duly worked hard and expected his end of month salary to be paid.

Yet, his Chinese boss kept tossing him and eventually refused to pay him.

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The ‘heart bleeding’ Zambian man then decided to teach him an unforgettable lesson in his life.


We don’t really know how he did it but he’s now ‘running’ his master’s wife.

In one viral photo, the woman was seen relaxing on the chest of this gentleman in bed.


He was bold enough to share the picture on his WhatsApp status and added that, his master can take the salary as he has found what he cherishes most in life and that is his wife.

The Chinese man has accused him of snatching his wife. The Lusaka Police has commenced an investigation into the matter.


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