Abena Korkor Lìckìng Video Out!

Social media sensation and mental activist Abena Korkor Addo is trending after dropping the list of men she has banged in her life.

Korkor rated the performance of each of the men she has had s3xual interc0urse with including respected media personalities and politicians.

Video: Handling big prick

In a video sighted by Kasatintin.com, she marked down the performance of one drive time host and rated him ‘under one minute man’.

For one celebrity blogger, Abena Korkor said he’s a masterclass pu$$y licker.

TV3 news anchor Roland Walker has gone gaga after seeing the succulent body of Abena Korkor on DateRush, a reality show on TV.


In a post, he said ‘But Abena Kokor dey form eeiii…I now what happened to the men on her list [sic]’.

Snapshot: Abena Korkor on TV3 ‘DateRush

Roland’s post has drawn attention leaving many to ask if Abena Korkor is also very good in bed.

Korkor’s action in her latest video on the internet simply gives an idea of what she is capable of doing, and has possibly done to the men she has encountered.


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