JUST IN: Zambian President Collapses During National Event

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President of Zambia, Edgar Lungu has fainted during an official assignment.

The 64-year-old head of state collapsed at a ceremony to commemorate the National Defence Forces Day on Sunday.

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TV stations immediately cut off the live broadcast of the event following the bizarre incident.

President Lungu is believed to suffer from a rare stomach disease known as achalasia.

The condition affects the oesophagus and causes hypoglycaemic attacks.

Reports say President Lungu experienced a sudden dizzy spell.

He had previously taken ill and hospitalised in 2015.

Despite his ill health, Edgar Lungu is seeking re-election in August, 2021. He has been in power since 2014.

Private Secretary to the President, Dr Simon K. Miti assured the general public and all concerned citizens and the international community that President Lungu ‘is well and has continued to discharge his duties as Head of State’.

He stressed that ‘His Excellency recovered immediately and walked to the official car and returned to his residence at State House’.

Read the full press statement below.

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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