Pastor Who Sucks Women’s Breast In His Church Says It’s A Command From God

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Nigerian pastor, Chijoke has opened a church named ‘Breast and Honey Harvest Ministry Church’. The church is based in Kenya.

Members of Breast and Honey Harvest Church International are only women and are not allowed to wear bra during prayer and deliverance service.

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Pastor Chijoke f0ndles and sucks the women’s breast while giving ‘deliverance’ to them in his church, reports sighted by said.

He admitted in an interview on Kenya-based 99.0 FM Hero Radio that he conducts deliverance sessions in which he uses his mouth on the breast.

He stressed that female church members do not wear bra as they are aware that the holy spirit dwells in their ‘asset’ and needs free space to work on them.

 ‘The spirit lies in the breast of a lady… the more you suck the breast the more you get the fulfilling of the Lord’, Pastor Chijoke argued.

An undercover journalist using the pseudo name, Nancy exposed Pastor Chijoke when she posed as one who needs spiritual guidance and counseling.

Through a phone conversation, Nancy told the pastor that her problem is that she can’t seem to get married. Every time she starts dating and begins to talk about marriage–at the apex of the relationship–the men run away.

Pastor Chijoke explained to her that she has the ‘spirit of rejection’ so he has to suck it out from her breast.

The pastor told Nancy to come to his church by 4.00pm so he could suck out the spirit of rejection from her breast and then she can be delivered from the bad spirit.

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The man of God slipped and revealed the real name of his church as ‘Breast and Honey Harvest Ministry Church’ where he said all his church members are all women, no men.

Pastor Chijoke warned Nancy not to wear bra when meeting him to make sucking her breasts much easier.

She then challenged him to tell her where in the bible it says that a pastor must suck a woman’s breasts to heal her.

Chijoke refused to answer and said: ‘Don’t bring up the bible, you just come, we do this thing and then we finish’.

As the call continued, the journalist told him her real name, stating that the phone call was a prank and that he is live on air.

The pastor replied ‘ewo’ (to wit ‘oh my God’).

Shocked, he got angry and denied his real name ‘Chijoke’ which he had given her earlier and insisted Nancy should simply address him as a man of God.

When asked why he is deceiving people, Pastor Chijoke called her ‘stupid’ and ended the phone call.

See Pastor Chijoke in action in the photo below.


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