Thursday, December 1, 2022

SHOCKING! Boy Steals GH₵10,000 From Lecturer’s Bank Account And Blows It On Bet


A University lecturer based in Koforidua almost went mad after his national service person robbed him of ten thousand and five hundred Ghana Cedis (GH₵10,500) in broad day light. gathers that the lecturer sent the gentleman to deposit a cheque bearing the stated amount into someone’s account at the bank on Monday.

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The service person however failed to return to the office after undertaking the transaction.

The lecturer became suspicious when he could not reach him on phone the whole day and the intended beneficiary of the cash informed him that he has also not received any bank alert.


He reported the issue to the police. The teenage boy, upon interrogation admitted he made a withdrawal and used the entire money for sports betting.

According to him, he wanted to double the money and keep the returns. Unfortunately,he lost the game.


Father of the suspect has since paid back the money to the lecturer, can report.

A close source shared the shocking news on Facebook saying:’Youth of today, your lecturer sends you to deposit GH10,500 into someone’s account then you use the money for BET. Masa, u will rot in jail’.


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