Woman Inserts Hot Iron Rod In Daughter’s Vagina For Bedwetting

Aisha Muhammed, an 18-year-old housewife has been arrested by the police for inserting hot iron rod into the private part of her 5-year-old stepdaughter.

Nigerian Police said she tortured the child for wetting herself during sleep.

Kasatintin.com gathers that Aisha was arrested on Thursday, July 1, 2021 after the victim’s mother and her lawyer reported the case to the Adamawa State Police.

DSP Suleiman Nguroje, spokesperson of the State Police Command stated that the victim was brought under the care and custody of Aisha following the divorce of the victim’s mother.

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He said the suspect, a resident of Wuro Patuji village- Mubi South Local Government Area, maltreated her young stepdaughter at home.

In the latest event, Aisha, being the second wife to the victim’s father, is alleged to have used hot iron (rod) to torture and inflict injury on the front bottom of the 5-year-old child because she discharged urine on her bed. 


Police sources say the wicked stepmother is being processed for court.

Barrister Khadija Nasir, a female lawyer is determined to seek justice for the the victim and ensure that Aisha Muhammed is duly punished.


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