Sex Workers In Kenya Stage Massive Demonstration Over Shortage Of Condoms

Commercial sex workers in Kenya threatened to embark on a nationwide demonstration on Thursday over the shortage of condoms in health facilities across the country.

The prostitutes, operating under the name Kenya Sex Workers Alliance explained that the shortage of condoms in the country is a big risk to them as they might end up contracting HIV/AIDS in their line of work.

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Prior to the planned protest, they served a notice to Nkoko Injuu Africa, an organisation that champions the rights of sex workers in the Coast region.

The group’s Executive Director Maryline Laini addredsed the press on the matter saying ‘If nothing changes by the end of tomorrow [Thursday 8 June, 2021], we are moving to the streets’, adding ‘Condoms are being distributed by the government for free, but why don’t we get them? We need those answers’.

She blamed government and other agencies for not responding to their concerns inspite of assurances given them in several meetings.

Maryline disclosed that ‘We have held a series of meetings with the relevant offices but as we speak they have not been providing us with condoms and as you are aware using condoms properly and consistently reduces risk of contracting HIV’.


Omari Mwanjuma, the National Aids Control Council Coast Coordinator said that condoms were available in public facilities, but in limited numbers.


‘I’m aware that there are stocks of condoms in all health facilities. The only worry is that they may not last for long’, he said in a report sighted by


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