Hospital Cut Off Leg Of Wrong Patient

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Doctors have amputated the leg of a wrong patient, blaming it on human error in what they called a ‘tragic mistake’.

The victim, Philip Godbless, 65 reportedly went to a local Ugandan hospital for a routine medical checkup on Friday morning but accidentally lost one leg due to doctors’ negligence.

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The elderly patient has threatened to sue the hospital, according reports has seen.

In a statement, Director of the hospital (name withheld) described the incident as a ‘tragic mistake’ and asked Philip to forgive them:

‘We are deeply shocked by how the leg of a wrong patient was amputated in our facility on Friday despite our quality assurance standards procedures. The mistake was first noticed during a bandage change on Saturday morning’.

The statement added ‘The officer who caused it claimed she unintenentionally interchanged the records of Philip Godbless with a diabetic patient who was due for operation that day.

The hospital Director said ‘Quite unacceptable, the officer indicated that she couldn’t think properly as she was depressed by a breakup message from her best friend’.

‘She has been suspended; we would review our standards procedures as a result of this unfortunate circumstances. We will continue to offer psychological assistance to the patient. He will also receive the needed compensations’.

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