Ghanaian Men Are The Most Faithful Men In West Africa — Research

A piece of good news–Ghanaian men have been rated high among their peers in Africa.

A new study conducted by Africa Facts Zone has found Ghanaian men to be more faithful compared to other men in West Africa.

Yes, according to the research ‘Ghanaian men are the most faithful men in West Africa’.

It is not really clear as to the methodology the researchers employed to arrive at their findings. Yet, will dig deeper to bring you further information about this Africa Facts Zone research.

The reality is that, adultery is a common problem in our society. It is the biggest nightmare of all women.

According to statistics, about 30 to 60 percent of all married men in Ghana are more likely to commit adultery at some point.


Many women have suffered broken heart in this country. Some have been admitted at the mental hospital as a result of cheating in their relationship.


But some women are also wicked.


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