Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Horror! Police Woman Found Dead In Hotel Room In Nkawkaw–Video


A young Ghanaian police woman has been found dead in a hotel room in Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region.

The deceased has been identified as No. 8099 Pw L/ Cpl. Sarah Adjei of Quarter master Stores , Nkawkaw Divisional Headquarters.

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Police said ‘On 7/8/21 at 8. 00 pm, Richard Nimoh the manager of Misiho Hotel, located at Akwasiho, near Nkawkaw came to the Nkawkaw Central Police station and reported that on same day at about 12.00 pm, a young lady believed to be in her Mid twenties booked and lodged at the said hotel .

‘That about 7. 00 pm, he checked up on the guest and to his amazement, found the guest lying dead in the room’.

Police followed up on the case, and together with the complainant, they ‘proceeded to the scene and found the deceased police woman in one of the hotel rooms dressed in a multi coloured straight dress over a black underwear with a black pair of slippers lying dead in a prone position on the floor.

Photo: Sarah Adjei, deceased police woman

A search in Sarah Adjei’s black ladies hand bag found on a table besides her has in it the following : a mirror, blue pen, padlock key, cash of eleven cedis and sixty pesewas (Ghc 11.60) , eight (8) envelopes with inscription ‘Mr. Timothy Dampare’ on one of them and a handwritten note which reads:


‘Dear Mr Timothy Dampare , I told you that I owed people money and you decided to help me, and you have been with me in my house for one week now and you have refused to help me, so if anything happen you have cause it Mr Timothy Dampare .Thank you’.


The information further said ‘The body was inspected and blood was found on the nostrils with swollen right cheek. Photographs were taken after which the body was removed and deposited at the Holy family Hospital Nkawkaw for preservation and autopsy’.


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