Shocking! Pastor Kisses Girl To Reach Her Orgąsm In Church–Video

The Anglican Church has ‘dismissed’ one priest identified as Balthazar Obeng Larbi following a viral video in which he was seen kissing three female students.

The ladies are reported to be students of the St Monica’s College of Education in Asante Mampong, where Rev Father Obeng Larbi is the Chaplain as well lawyer of the school.

Watch: Trending video on Kasatintin TV

In the controversial video that hit social media on Monday, Rev Father Obeng Larbi, dressed in his full cassock lined up the training college girls and kissed them in turns before a cheering congregation.

The third lady felt shy but suddenly gave in when the man of God grabbed her and ‘chewed’ her lips like sweet apple.


Electrified by the holy kiss, she responded to the ‘heat’ by pulling the Anglican priest much closer and raising one leg to cross him.

But after a crunch meeting convened by school authorities in Asante Mampong, Rev Father Obeng Larbi has been asked to step aside as the the Chaplain and lawyer of the school until further notice [Read letter below]:

Screenshot: Letter signed by the Anglican Church

The decision was taken on Tuesday. The school has since withdrawn all duties assigned to the priest, has gathered.

Watch the video beneath this article showing how the priest forcibly planted holy kiss on the lips of the three girls.


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