Sunday, February 5, 2023

Men From The North Top Biggest P£nis Size Ranking, Ewes Second


Most Ghanaian men are endowed with huge manh00d which is capable of shifting a woman’s womb.

But the latest polls conducted by Kasatintin.com in the 16 regions of Ghana and also confirmed by Ami’s Diaries point out men from certain tribes in Ghana have much bigger p£nises than others.

Video: Man selling human body parts in Sunyani names big men behind his business

The study further revealed that Ghanaian ladies equally love men with heavy cassava.


Interestingly, men who have the tiniest and disappointing prìck are the ones with the loudest mouths, blowing their own trumpet as though they’ve been crowned kings of ‘the dìck game’.

In the latest Kasatintin polls, we interviewed a number of sexually active men and women through online survey over a period of 5 months.

Public opinions were recorded and used in ranking the p£nis size of Ghanaian men.


Northern men (including those from the Northern, Savannah, Upper West, Upper East and North East Regions) came first on the biggest p£nis size ranking table.

Ewe men came second followed by Ga men.


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