More Women Swapping Their Used Panties And Sanitary Pads For Cash–Read Report

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It’s become the new normal. More Ghanaian women are reported to have developed an interest in exchanging their used panties in return for cash or a new underwear.

A news report by Adomonline and sighted by said ‘If you are lady and you have old panties and you want new ones, rush to Assin Fosu market in the Central region now and you will walk away with new one in exchange for your old ones’.

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Same service is allegedly being offered in Accra and other parts of the country.

It’s been confirmed that pant swapping business is getting bigger in some markets as some traders storm the place for ladies to exchange their old pants for new ones.

One of the pant swappers, Kwame Darko disclosed that six old panties could be swapped for two new ones.

He told Adom News that it is a lucrative business ‘ and about 15 people have come to exchange their old pants for new ones’ at the time of speaking with their reporter on the ground.

Kwame Darko indicated that, some of the panties being swapped include wedding pants, engagement pants, air condition pants, health insurance pants, free education pants and many more.

He said that the old panties would be taken to the factory to be recycled.

But in Nigeria, the dire need for used ladies panties and sanitary pads by some alleged spiritualists has caused young people to break into homes to steal them for a fortune.

They mostly steal the panties on dry lines and in wardrobes.

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‘If they failed to snatch your pantie from the dry line or wardrobe, they check your rubbish bin for used sanitary pads’,’s Listowell Acquaye said.

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People engaged in this outrageous business have confessed that they use the stolen items (Panties or used Sanitary Pads) for rituals.

In one viral video, a man is heard warning women to be mindful of how they keep their panties and dispose off used sanitary pads.

He made a shocking revelation of how criminals attacked some ladies in the night with cutlasses and forced them to remove their panties and hand them over.

An old-aged woman alleged in a social media post that the guys stealing ladies undies have extended their operations to Ghana because their strategies and activities have been widely exposed in Nigeria.

Let us all be on guard.


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