Friday, December 9, 2022

More Couples Having Their Weddings In A Coffin These Days–Here’s The Reason


Over 100 couples have reportedly lined up in a temple in Thailand to have their wedding in a coffin today. gathers that a Temple in Bangkok organises the unusual wedding ceremony annually on Valentines Day and Christmas Day and it is targeted at couples who want to tie the knot or have the desire to renew their marriage vows.

Video: Man gets stuck on woman during s3xual interc0urse

According to the Bangkok Post, most couples flock to the Bangkok district of Bang Rak — literally meaning the Place of Love — to tie the knot whiles others opt for an unconventional ceremony at Wat Ta Kien in Bang Kruay district in Nonthaburi.

In today’s ceremony, couples are expected to make offerings to the monks and lay in a pink coffin covered with a white sheet.

The monks will then chant as if the pair were dead before ending the prayers by blessing them for a new life.

IMAGE: A groom and bride lie in a coffin during wedding ceremony. CREDIT: Bangkok Post

It is believed that the bride and groom would start their life anew after coming out of the coffin with all bad luck banished.


A monk has however cautioned that, the ceremony is really not ‘meant to dispel bad luck, and could serve as a reminder for couples to live with the reality that nothing lasted forever as death would come some day’, the Bangkok Post.

Would you ever have your wedding in a coffin if that is the only way to help you have a happy and successful marriage?


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