Soldiers Overthrow Guinea President In A Coup

The military has seized power in Guinea through a coup d’état on Sunday, September 5, 2021.

President Alpha Conde,83years is surrounded by soldiers in a video widely circulated on social media and sighted by

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President Conde who has been in power since December 2010 is believed to have been detained in a military base in Guinea’s capital after being captured.

Heavy gunfire were held in Conakry near the presidential palace on Sunday.

Soldiers who staged the uprising have announced a nationwide curfew ‘until further notice’ and replacement of all regional governors.


They also indicated in a speech on state TV that the constitution and the government have been completely dissolved.


Coup plotters motivation as we know it

After the dramatic coup, the mutinous soldiers vowed to restore democracy, close the country’s borders and form a new government called The National Committee of Gathering and Development.


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