Saturday, September 24, 2022

Man Jailed For Shifting A Woman’s Womb During S3x


A 27-year-old Kenyan man, Sylvester Wepkhuli has been arrested and charged for his involvement in a strange case.

Reports say Wepkhuli was grabbed by the police after he accidentally ruptured an old woman’s uterus during a hot s3xual interc0urse with her.

VIDEO: Ghanaian couple get stuck while making løve in Lake Bosomtwe has learnt that Wepukhulu had starved for 2 good years when the old woman decided to help him quench the thirst.

Given the opportunity, he serviced the woman with all his energy, pushing her to shout for help.


Villagers rushed in and found Wepukhulu zipping his trousers; the woman was bleeding profusely at this point.

She was taken to the hospital where doctors discovered that the Kenyan man had caused severe damages to her womb.


Wepukhulu was subsequently arrested and arraigned in court for causing harm to the old lady.

Prosecutors found size of his manh00d to be above an average youngster.


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