Friday, January 27, 2023

Taxi Driver Chøps Lady In His Car Because She Didn’t Have Money To Pay Him–Video


A taxi driver has been caught in a leaked video b0nking a female passenger in his car.

The driver literally crucified the young lady at the back seat, and the action happened right in the middle of a busy street.

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But he was forced to pull out of the female passenger when people threatened to break into the car and beat him up.

His p3nìs was still stiff when he removed it. He used a condom quite bigger than the size of his manh00d.

Kasatintin.com gathers that the lady picked the taxi and did not have money to pay the fare.

The taxi driver showed no mercy and maintained he won’t allow her to go until she pays the fare.


In agreement, the ‘innocent’ lady asked the taxi driver to ‘service’ her in the cab–as long as he wants– to pay off the transportation fare.


The video has gone viral on social media and generated hot discussions on the internet.


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