Wednesday, February 8, 2023

2 Arrested With Human Head, Prìvate Part Of 16-Year-Old Girl


Police have arrested two people over the killing of a 16-year-old Nigerian girl identified as Rihanat Yusuf. 

Rihanat’s body was discovered in an uncompleted building with her head and two hands missing.

The incident took place at Amuyo area in Offa Local Government Area in Kwara state.


Kwara police spokesperson, Ajayi Okasanmi said the two suspects who are part of a syndicate dealing in the sale of human body parts have confessed the murder of the young girl.

Video: Man arrested with human body parts, names Chopbar who buy the parts

According to the police ‘In the cause of investigation, one Femi Adeniji of the same area was arrested and he confessed to being in possession of the head and hands of the deceased.

‘He confessed further that he had sold one of the hands to his accomplice who is presently at large for the sum of N20,000.


‘The other arrested suspect, Shittu Abdulmalik, also confessed to have used the second hand of the deceased for money-making soap’.

Kasatintin.com gathers that Rihanat was running an errand for her parents at the time of the incident.


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