Friday, January 27, 2023

Drama As Married Man Impregnates His Sidechick’s Maid


Legend! A married man has graciously impregnated the house girl of his sidechick.

This is crazy but the Ghanaian man who was apparently cheating on his wife extended his infidelity beyond imagination by impregnating his sidechick’s maid.

Video: Ghanaian actor Kwaku Manu divorces wife

The pregnancy rumour is all over social media now and this has infuriated the sidechick to rain curses on the man, praying his manh00d stopped working for the next 10years.

That’s not all, she is mounting pressure on the househelp to terminate the two-months-old pregnancy, and even threatening to poison her.

The man’s wife on the other hand, is pleading with the sidechick to reverse the cųrse.

The man has been married for 5years.


A family member who spoke to Kasatintin.com on condition of anynoymity said the woman has indicated her willingness to allow her husband to marry the two ladies to lay the matter to rest.

Here are some people’s opinion on this dramatic story;


@BoldCute1; ‘The man is still actively in the business of side chicks’.

@MountainEagle3; ‘Wow! So he was eating both of them when visiting the side chick’.



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