Man Sets Himself On Fire After Girlfriend Dumped Him (Photo)

A heartbroken British man, Morgan Baskett has set himself on fire right in front of his girlfriend who dumped him.

Baskett, 42 and his ex-girlfriend Michelle Howarth broke up after dating for just five weeks. He confronted Michelle Saturday night to get back together with her but she wouldn’t take him back.

Unable to handle the rejection, Baskett doused himself in petrol and set himself on fire outside a London pub where Michelle works.

IMAGE: Morgan Baskett CREDIT:

Witnesses say he did not scream but kept saying ‘I want to die, let me die’ after torching himself.

ADVERTISEMENT gathered that bystanders used extinguishers from the pub to put out the flames. Baskett was then rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was admitted at the critical care unit.

He sustained 70% burn on his body. This is a clear example of what love can do.


Watch the video below.



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