Man Dies During 2 Hour Sex With Nigerian Prostitute (VIDEO)

A man, only identified as Davy is reported dead after having an intense love making session with a commercial sex worker in a brothel in the Ejigbo area of Lagos on Sunday at 12.45pm.

According to post-mortem report sighted by, Davy’s death was a result of ‘excessive orgasm which caused blood vessels in the brain to rupture’.

The deceased, 34 and father of four checked into Graceland Brothel located at 21, Moshalasi Street, Ejigbo Lagos and placed a bet of N50,000 with one of the prostitutes, Amaka on who will get exhausted first during the intercourse and give up.


A source said Davy had boasted among his friends that he could spend two hours on a lady without getting tired—but the lady will run away and leave her dress behind.

Tired of his bluffing, his friends dared him to have an affair with Amaka, who was described as a champion in the game. Davy rocked her but slumped while on the ‘seventh round’.

Amaka is on record to have challenged some young men in similar competition and won.


A local newspaper said Davy’s body will be handed over to his family on Monday and added that ‘the Ashawo [Amaka] sustained bruises on her private part but the man died of too much sexual excitement and sweetness’.

Watch the video below.


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