Sad! Man Burns Wife Alive Because Her Beauty Attracts Other Men–Photos

Some men are just heartless and abusive!

A jealous man has reportedly burnt his wife alive because he thinks she is too beautiful and fears another man will snatch her from him.

According to a post sighted by, the insecure man torched his wife on her birthday a year ago.

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She however survived the outrageous domestic violence. But the scars on her body reveals the severity of her husband’s attack.

Jubilee Party Forum, which shared the post stated that:

‘On her birthday, the husband arrived home, instead of surprising her wife with a nice gift, he burned her claiming her beauty is attracting men and fears that he could lost her’, adding;


‘It’s one year down the line as she celebrate another birthday, thanks for doctors for saving her life.Happy birthday’.

Check out the full post and photos below.


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