Strange! Day-Old Baby Speaks: Asks Mother To Feed Him With ‘Hausa Koko’

Residents of Nkwanhia, farming community near the Elubo Border in the Western Region of Ghana were thrown into a state of confusion after a woman gave birth and the new baby begun to speak and to request for porridge. has learnt that the ‘baby was born on Monday morning in a private hospital and asked his mother to prepare porridge for him to eat’.

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The baby’s mother fainted upon hearing his first speech.

The baby’s father told reporters that ‘One midwife rushed to the roadside to buy ‘Hausa koko to feed the mysterious baby.

‘We didn’t want to offend the little boy. We pampered him before he ate three bottles of porridge’.


A pool of village folks including market women, traders, farmers and even drunkards st0rmed the hospital to catch a glimpse of the ‘wonder’ baby.


The chief rumour monger in the town disclosed that ‘the baby is a marine spirit and he has been sent to bring curse upon the village’.

The fetish priest in the community, who was expected to perform the necessary rituals to crash the curse had travelled at the time of the incident.


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