Friday, December 9, 2022

Don’t Make Calls At Night,Demons Can Tap Into Your Conversion And Destroy Your Life–Rev Gabriel Ansah


A lot of things do happen in the spiritual realm which mere mortals like us can not see.

A powerful Ghanaian spiritualist, Mallam Khalifa has warned the public not to talk on the phone whenever they use the toilet.

Mallam Khalifa explained that the washroom is the dwelling place of demons hence they can easily monitor your calls when using those places of convenience.

He said many people have had mental problems in this country as a result of making phone calls in the toilet room.

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According to Mallam Khalifa, God has assigned angels to protect each person but the Holy Koran teaches that when one enters the toilet or the bathroom, the angels wait at the door because the toilet and bathroom are dirty places.

He added observed that since the toilet is a filthy place, demons prefer to hang out there.


‘In the toilet or bathroom you are on your own and the only way to avoid demons is to keep quiet because if you talk you invite the demons to yourself and they can make you go mad’, Mallam Khalifa stated.

On his part, radio evangelist, Reverend Gabriel Ansah of Adom FM’s N’asem University fame has cautioned Ghanaians against taking advantage of ‘free night calls’ offered by telecom operators because it is spiritually very dangerous.


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