Women Will Soon Pay Men To Have Their Breast Sucked–Latest Report (READ)

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Very soon, women across the world will be paying men to have their breasts sucked, a post Kasatintin.com has sighted online reveals.

The post explained in detail why this is bound to happen in the near future.

It indicated that ‘Doctors recommend that women reduce the risk of getting breast cancer by having their breasts sucked thoroughly and rigorously’.

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Moreso, ‘It is said that regular sucking of the breast lowers the risk level that tends to build up lumps leading to breast cancer’.

For this reason, ‘The breast must be sucked as often as possible’, the anonymous writer added in the post.

It urged women to seriously include breastfeeding on the menu to help in the fight against breast cancer.

‘Help women fight breast cancer today. Men, please do your part and suck a breast now! And women,please endeavour to make it available regularly’.

Read the full social media post below.

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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