Saturday, December 10, 2022

Ajagurajah Mistaken For A Mad Man In Dubai Airport–‘Deported’ To Ghana (Video)


Popular Ghanaian prophet Kwabena Boakye Asiamah otherwise called Ajagurajah been mistaken for a mad man in Dubai.

Ajagurajah, who heads the Universal Spiritual Outreach Society ‘the chopbar Church’ travelled to Dubai for a holiday.

Video: Ajagurajah serving fufu and light soup during live church service

In a viral video, he is seen checking in at the airport wearing a black cassock over a pair of trousers.

The controversial preacher complemented it with a red muffler scarf tied around his waist.

In addition, Ajagurajah wore a pair of black socks without having any shoes on.

This is his usual way of dressing as to him it offers some form of spiritual protection.


According to Ajagurajah, officials of the UAE airport mistook him for a mad man due to his appearance.


He explained that the airport officials were surprised someone would dress up like the way he did to the airport.


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