Bride Runs Away From Wedding Venue After She Finds Out Husband-To-Be Is A Taxi Driver, Not Banker (Photos)

A young Kenyan lady has decided not to get married after finding out on her wedding day that the man she was about to spend the rest of her life with, Alfred Musa had lied about his job.

During courtship, Alfred made her believe that he was a bank employee with Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB).

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Hours to the wedding, the bride, Jackeline Wanjiru received several confirmed information that for 4 years, her boyfriend had deceived her. That, he (Alfred Musa) is a taxi driver and not a KCB Malindi branch employee.

Jackeline Wanjiru fled from her wedding venue in her gown on Wednesday morning.


The wedding ceremony was suspended after the bride disappeared.

Family and friends were still waiting, hoping Jackeline would return for the ceremony to continue.


Friends of the groom chase after Jackeline and caught her. She however declined their plea to go ahead and marry the bløødy liar.

Check out the photos below.


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