GES To Enforce The Wearing Of Uniform by Female Teachers With Clothing Allowance

Female teachers in public schools may be forced to wear prescribed uniforms in the coming months, has gathered.

The Ghana Education Service (GES), according to reports is set to give further information on the implementation of new directive.

Teachers are supposed to serve as role models to students but it has become the norm for female teachers to wear short skirts and other provocative dresses to the classroom.

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If a teacher dresses to reveal her body shape, it distracts the attention of the students.

The students are also likely to copy the indecent lifestyle of their teachers.

The GES is introducing the prescribed uniform as a way to bring decency in the profession especially among female teachers.


The wearing of the uniforms will again show an identity and promote a sense of belonging among teachers.

Teachers will be provided with clothing allowance, information added.


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