Sunday, February 5, 2023

Robber Climbs Electric Pole To Avoid Heavy Beatings And Arrest; Has Been There Over 9 Hours Now (See Live Photos)


A man believed to be in his early thirtys has been stuck on an electric pole since Thursday morning.

Some social media comments suggest that the unidentified man skilfully climbed the pole for safety after being caught in the act of stealing a mobile phone, menstrual pad and money from a trader in a busy market some where in the country.

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It was the market day of the town when the incident occurred, they say.

Kasatintin.com gathers from the social media commentary that the alleged thief ran away afer the market women raised an alarm, prompting some men around to give him a hot chase.

Many stronger and angrier men, along the line joined the chase to capture him.

According to information, he received some heavy beatings from the men but managed to escape from their hands after some time.


He was however ‘conquered’ on a busy street near the market the thievery is said to have taken place.


The desperate thief became powerless at this point, and reflecting on what the mob had done to him, and the severe beatings they will possibly subject him to again decided to climb on top of one of the street lights.


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