Slay Queens Form Long Queue To Buy New ‘Husband Snatching’ Cream To Attract Rich Men (PHOTO)

A new shop which sells the most effective ‘husband-snatching’ charm has opened in Accra, and it has attracted a lot of young ladies mostly referred to as slay queens. understands that the slay queens have formed long queues at the shop to buy stuff to entice rich men and keep them.

The product selling fast at the charm store is ‘Tie Him Down’ cream.


The ladies are required to smear the ‘Tie Him Down’ cream on their private part to cause men to love them by force till eternity.

VIDEO: Slay queen Ama Broni dies while dancing nąk3ď at street carnival

Ladies of today have an unquenchable taste for luxury lifestyle. They therefore rush in for anything that keeps them connected to men who can assist them.

In 2019, one self-styled businesswoman Mama Gee was arrested by security forces for selling unregistered herbal based ‘juju’ to unsuspecting Ghanaian girls.


She urged women to buy the charm so they can receive various forms of favour from stingy rich men and sugar daddies.

A young man was heard in a viral video giving testimony on how he had become addicted to the pu$$y of a lady who had used Mama Gee’s vag!na sweetener.


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