Man In Court After Using Another Man’s Penis To Impregnate 3 Women

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A 33-year-old Zimbabwean man, Peter Runako has been fined for using another person’s manh00d to impregnate three women.

Runako on Friday admitted before a village council of elders that, he used the phallic of a Harare businessman to service the three women at night.

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The businessman (name withheld) complained of sexual weakness a day after he returned from a holiday in Domboshava, a rural community where he visited his sick mother.

He narrated that ‘I felt my manh00d was dead since I couldn’t have an affair with my wife when I came home. I was worried but my partner assured me that everything will be fine’.

‘My wife called her pastor and the pastor told us someone has been using my penis for illicit business at night’ he continued ‘ The man of God gave us spiritual direction and we managed to track Runako physically who has caused my sexual weakness’.

MOST POPULAR POST gathered that Peter Runako was sumoned by the elders of Domboshava following a complaint by the couple.

Runako confessed being a wizard and said that he was contracted by a family member to mount spiritual attacks on the Harare businessman.

‘At the witches camp we decided that we will waste his sperms. I used his manh00d to impregnate three women. We fully executed our plans when he visited the village’, Runako said.

The elders fined him $12 Zimbabwe dollar, a bottle of Schnapp and 3 goats.

READ ALSO  I Have Tasted The D!.CK Of Almost Every Ghanaian CELEBRITY –Lady Brags On Social Media (See VIDEO) can report that the man’s sexual potency has been restored after Runako made a sacrifice to the gods.

The good news is that his appetite for sex has increased astronomically.

‘I am on fire. My wife now calls me the lion King’, the businessman told our correspondent.


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