Princess Snub Royal Family, Go Ahead To Marry School Boyfriend

Call it the most controversial royal wedding!

Japan’s Princess Mako will marry her former classmate, a commoner in a few days.

The couple first met in 2012 as students at the International Christian University in Tokyo.

Princess Mako and Kei Komuro’s wedding is scheduled for Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

Princess Mako will lose her royal status as a result of her decision to settle down with a commoner, Mr Komuro, an aspiring lawyer.

Video: Etw3 kankan: causes and solutions gathers that she will forgo a traditional lump-sum payment of up to 150 million yen ($1.3million) which is often given to a member of the royal family upon their departure from the household.


But Princess Mako is prepared to leave her Tokyo palace to start a new life with her husband in New York after the marriage.

Photo: Princess Mako

Expections of the Royal Wedding


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