Man Jailed 5 Years For Stopping 2 H0rny Dogs From Having S£x On The Street

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A Peruvian man is likely to spend 5years in jail for preventing two ‘foreign dogs’ from having an affair on the street.

According to information, the man, only identified as Gabriel and sells coffee by the roadside intentionally blocked the dogs from mating by throwing stones at them.


Reports said he pursued them and threw stones anytime the male dog attempted to mount the h0rny bitch.

Gabriel told friends the sight of the two dogs brought him unpleasant memories of how he injured his ex-girlfriend through d0ggy style s*x position.

He may have done that for fun but the dog owners have taken up the matter in court.

They filed a joint suit praying the court to ‘jail the accused for interrupting a s£xual intercourse between our pets’.

‘I paid my colleague $1,500 to cross my dog which was on heat. Gabriel disrupted the process of getting my dog pregnant. The money will not be refunded. He must be jailed’, owner of the female dog said in a suit has seen.

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