Shocking: 1500-Year-Old Bible Found In Turkey Proves Jesus Wasn’t Crucified

Christians who believe in Jesus’ crucifixion may have been fed with the wrong information.

The original copy of the Bible found in Turkey gives a vivid account on the life of Jesus and insists the saviour was never crucified. gathers that, the book described as the ‘original Bible’ got stolen years ago but was recently seized from a gang of smugglers in the Mediterranean area.

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The gang has since been charged with smuggling antiquities, illegal excavations, and the possession of explosives. 


According to reports, the book is almost 1500 years old and valued at 40 Million Turkish Liras (approx. 28 mil. Dollars). 

Experts and religious authorities in Tehram maintain that the book is original. It is written with gold lettering, onto loosely-tied leather in Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ.



The text contradict the New Testament’s teachings of Christianity and share the vision of Islam.


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