Thursday, February 2, 2023

Hot Gossip–Hajia Bintu Pregnant For Her Manager


Tiktok star Hajia Bintu has allegedly been impregnated by her manager.

Hajia Bintu’s pregnancy is suspected to be at the early stage.

Video: McBrown expecting another child

The young Ghanaian video vixen may not be able to shake her big bum for her fans as a result of her condition.


It is not known if Hajia Bintu will take a break from Tiktok.

The news of Bintu being pregnant for her manager still doesn’t make sense to a lot of people.

They seriously think this pregnancy was a mistake thanks to a failed condom and Postinor-2.


Instablogger Aba the Great who leaked the information claimed that :

‘Apparently Hajia Bintu is pregnant for her manager 😎😎😎 according to my source’.


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