Saturday, September 24, 2022

‘Stop Squeezing Women Breast Like Car Horn’-Edubiase Queen Mother To Reckless Love Makers


Queen mother of Edubiase Traditional area Nana Akua Dwum II has lectured men on how to properly handle women’s breast during love making.

Nana Akua Dwum II believes God moulded the breast in a special way to attract men and for them to enjoy it.

For her, the breast is a valuable female body part and should be handled with extra care.


‘Don’t keep your breast and other sensitive body parts dirty. The men too should also not keep their private parts dirty, wash the place’, the Edubiase queen mother is reported to have said at a breast cancer awareness durbar.

She stressed that a man is never complete if he does not admire women’s breast.


In spite of this, the queen mother said some men wholly luck knowledge on how the bøøbs should be handled.

She noted that during føreplay some men out of excitement squeeze the breast as though they are pressing their car horn.


Nana Akua Dwum II said that should not be encouraged at all.

‘Hold the breast gently, don’t squeeze the breast like it’s a car horn you are honking. Every man likes the breast so any man who does not like and admire it is not a complete man’, she added.

Watch the video below for more tips on how to handle a woman’s breast.

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