Monday, November 28, 2022

Legon Lady Gives Roland Walker ‘Brokenheart’–Photos


Fear electorates! TV3 news anchor Roland still can’t believe the news that Rebecca Mwinviel Derry, an aspiring General Secretary lost many votes in the just ended University of Ghana Students Representative Council (SRC) elections.

Before the Legon SRC election, Roland Walker predicted that Rebecca, with beautiful a$$ had won the General Secretary position in advance, and so he generously called on the other contenders to step-down.

In a tweet which came with a photo of the lady, he said ‘University of Ghana, Legon SRC General Secretary Hopeful..who dey compete am? Forget manifesto….dis lady go win’.

Photo:Rebecca Mwinviel Derry

Due to the hype by the celebrated media personality, it looked as though it was a done deal for Rebecca Derry and the other two candidates will obtain 0% votes.

Unfortunately, Roland’s preferred candidate had a poor showing when the provisional poll results were announced.



Rebecca had 4,849 (34.74%) of the total valid votes cast, Jonelle Mate Kodjo had 1,737 (12.44%) votes while Stephanie Naadu Antwi obtained the highest votes 7,373 (52.82%).

Roland Walker simply could not handle the pain after Rebecca lost the elections.


Roland queried ‘Aaaah UG paaah..U no dey like goods eeern😅😅😅😅
U guys didn’t vote for our Auntie why?❗’

One Kojo Phapha posted the photo of General Secretary (elect) in response to the tweet.

Photo:Stephanie Naadu Antwi

The poll results at least taught him a big lesson about university campus elections–that it is purely based on the maturity, leadership skills and competences of the candidates involved and not looks of the individuals.

Check out Roland Walker’s full post below.


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